SheFan Pro Ltd-Empowered Women in Blockchains.

Welcome here and thank you for stopping by,  I appreciate you!  I am Shelle Fantastic, Founder of SheFan Pro Ltd.

I am CBE certified and offer Blockchain consultancy and mentoring work including collaborations and introductions globally.  I am also a Life, business and wellbeing coach with extensive experience in the field.

SheFan Pro Women in Blockchains - As Women in Blockchains our mission is to create equal opportunities for all women in the space through research, education and collaborations. Providing a safe space for women to gain confidence and experience and to be ackowledged for the impact of the work they are doing within the space.  From novice to expert we strongly believe everyone deserves an opportunity to learn, grow and be recognised for their efforts and contributions to the space.

Proud to be partnered with KOBE International Bloockchain Research Center, Women in Digital, The Babylon Project, The Blockchain Council, Corum8 and The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce we pride ourselves on empowering women from within to reach their full potential both personally and professionally through education and global collaborations. My desire is to bring blockchain technology to the "girl next door" to empower her to step out from the shadows, the chains of imposter syndrome that hold her back from reaching her full potential and stepping out into the light,  "its your time to shine and its never too late!"

Here at SheFan Pro we cover all you need from anxiety management and confidence building right through to navigating your way through business, blockchain and cryptocurrency.  Through building firm relationships globally and coming together we can all step into our true potential.

SheFan Pro Womens Empowerment - The hidden key to our success is sadly often missed.  At SheFan Pro we beleive in order to be successful in business you must first be successful in "being". As a certified coaching professional with extensive experience both professionally and through my own life experience I am passionate about empowering you! My mission is to find your hidden potential and equip you with all the necessary tools to develop and grow.

Breaking through the emotional and psychological chains that hold you back and prevent you from taking the necessary steps towards a more empowered and fulfilling life.  Through my exclusive and unique bespoke coaching programmes absolutely anything is possible! Together we will work on all aspects of your emotional, professional and spiritual development, we beleive mindset is key!

Specialising in both your personal and professional life, the two often go hand in hand. At SheFan Pro we've got you covered!

By working together we can grow together!

SheFan Pro Women in Blockchains and Womens Empowerment  - Empowering women globally in business, being and blockchains! For bookings or collaborations please contact me directly to arrange a complimentary call.

SheFans- proud to champion women globally!


SheFan Pro

Certified Blockchain Expert.

Blockchain Consultant/Mentor.

Leadership and Management Coaching.

International public speaker.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapist

Reiki Master


Life, Career and Business- Development Coach.

Weight Management Consultant.

Mindset Coach, Anxiety Management and Confidence Coach.

Personal Branding, Marketing and connector of people.

Providing a unique service I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal and professional goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you.  Consultaions are provided via zoom with a global reach including access to social media support groups where a warm and friendly community awaits you.
Please contact me either by telephone or email to find out more.

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